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Program Director and Lecturer, Embedded EthiCS (EXPIRED)

Department of Philosophy, Harvard University

Job category Administration (non-academic) / Contract type open
AOS Open
AOC Ethics
AOC categories Ethics
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Job description

Job Summary

Harvard’s Embedded EthiCS program is an innovative distributed pedagogy: a team of philosophers collaborates with computer scientists to develop and teach ethics modules for courses across the Computer Science curriculum. In each course, the ethics module is tailored to address moral issues that are specifically germane to the technical concepts in the course. Module guides are published in an open-access online Repository to nurture the growing community of universities that are adopting the Embedded EthiCS approach.

Position Description

The role involves two high-level responsibilities: providing strategic leadership to the Embedded EthiCS program, and directly teaching courses in engaged ethics.  In more detail, the Program Director aspect of the job involves oversight of the Embedded EthiCS program, shaping the development and assessment of pedagogy, the expansion of the Embedded EthiCS model to other universities, and the building of partnerships with industry. The Lecturer aspect of the job involves the hands-on teaching of 1-2 classes (pending curricular needs) in Harvard College.

Responsibilities include:

Program Oversight

  • Oversees staffing and implementation of the Embedded EthiCS Teaching Lab--the team of postdoctoral and graduate fellows in Philosophy and Computer Science that develops, delivers, and publishes the Embedded EthiCS modules. This work includes recruiting, hiring, and providing assessment of roughly 6-8 fellows and facilitating collaboration with Computer Science course heads.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of assessment tools for the program.
  • Drives strategic planning for the program in consultation with faculty advisors. This work includes determining new program requirements and content; exploring strategic partnerships with other colleges and universities; and exploring partnerships with industry.
  • Serves as the internal representative of the Embedded EthiCS program in meetings with Harvard leadership, development offices, and administration.
  • Serves as the external representative of the Embedded EthiCS program at national and international meetings, conferences, workshops, liaising with academics, industry, and possibly governmental organizations.
  • Serves as the external representative of the Embedded EthiCS in consortium partnerships such as the Tech Ethics Exchange of the NorthEast.
  • Oversees the planning and mounting of international conferences and workshops sponsored by the program.
  • Oversees the planning and creation of program materials (e.g., website, brochures, videos).
  • Develops organizational structures for efficient workflows; provides coordination and oversight for key personnel; manages personnel transitions; runs staff meetings and full team meetings.
  • Provides oversight and execution of administration functions, including infrastructure development, compliance with Harvard and FAS policies and procedures, and space management. Creates administrative systems to address immediate challenges with administering across Harvard divisions and schools.
  • Maintains the financial sustainability of the Embedded EthiCS program through donors, sponsored funding, and grant opportunities. Works closely with financial management team to allocate funds appropriately.

Course Development

  • Develops and teaches new domain-expertise courses within Harvard College; courses would be in Philosophy but often cross-listed with Computer Science.
  • Possibly develops Embedded EthiCS tracks within the Philosophy and/or Computer Science majors in collaboration with relevant faculty.

Program Expansion

  • Provides consultation, guidance, and leadership to colleges and universities (and other entities) seeking to develop ethics pedagogy based on the model of Embedded EthiCS, nationally and internationally.
  • Provides consultation, guidance and leadership to other departments and schools at Harvard seeking to develop ethics pedagogy based on the model of Embedded EthiCS.
  • Possibly runs summer workshops to assist other colleges and universities to develop ethics pedagogy based on the model of Embedded EthiCS.
  • Possibly develops Executive Education programming.

Applicants should submit the following:

  • Cover letter stating your professional background and interest in the Embedded EthiCS program
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Teaching Statement
  • Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness (e.g. student evaluations)
  • Sample syllabi
  • Research Statement
  • Names and contact information of three references, including at least one teaching reference

Basic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Philosophy or related field

Additional Qualifications and Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to teach effectively and engage with undergraduate students
  • Knowledge of computer science
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills, with an ability to translate complex issues to multiple stakeholders
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work with people at all levels
  • Supervisory experience
  • Preference for someone with management experience
  • Grant writing experience

The committee will start to review applications on February 15, 2023.  The job will remain posted until filled.

How to apply
Application type Online
Web address to apply https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/Ho...
Deadline for full consideration: February 15, 2023, 12:00am EST

(applications under review)

Hard deadline No deadline specified (applications considered on an ongoing basis)
Web address for more information https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/Ho...
Contact name Emily Ware
Contact email
Time created December 22, 2022, 4:46pm UTC
Scheduled expiry date June 19, 2023, 11:35pm EST
Expired on June 19, 2023, 11:46pm EST
Last updated August 20, 2023, 3:00pm UTC
Last update notification
There will be a soft deadline of February 15, 2023 for this position.
December 28, 2022, 4:38pm UTC

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