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Teaching Beat Editor

APA Blog, American Philosophical Association

Job category Other (non-academic) / Tenured, continuing or permanent
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Workload Part time
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Location Remote work
Organization based in Newark, Delaware, United States
Job description

The Blog of the American Philosophical Association reports on issues of concern to APA members, including professional philosophers and philosophically inclined members of society. It covers multiple topics of interest such as: research, diversity and inclusion, teaching, work/life balance, and public philosophy. The Blog of the American Philosophical Association is funded by the American Philosophical Association.

The Blog of the American Philosophical Association currently seeks an editor for the Teaching
Beat.  The Editor will supervise the following series:

  • Teaching and Learning Video Series

  • Syllabus Showcase

  • Undergraduate Philosophy Club

  • Graduate Reflection Series

  • Professor Reflection Series

In addition, the editor will lead the review process for posts submitted to the Teaching Beat for potential publication. 

Here are the responsibilities that the editor will fulfill: 

  • Solicit and develop posts for the blog

  • Monitoring the pitch spreadsheet for pitches relevant to the Editor’s beat

  • Manage relevant pitches - including liaising with authors, rejecting pitches that do not fit our mission, working with authors on ideas to develop posts

  • Manage comments on the posts that the Editor is responsible for, including approving comments, and emailing commenters whose comments do not adhere to our guidelines (e.g. if they don’t provide a first and last name, the Editor will email and request that they add it).  Also monitor comments on relevant series editors’ posts.  

  • Edit posts according to our blog guidelines - including standard formatting and adding links to author’s names (to their personal website or faculty page), books, and other places as relevant, adding an image to the post, tagging it with appropriate tags

  • Send posts to Copyeditor for checking

  • Scheduling the post, including adding the name of the post to the Blog calendar

  • Writing posts and engaging in discussions where relevant

  • Adding names of contacts to our Contact sheet so that we know who is talking with whom

  • Checking that the post has been shared on social media and alerting the Editor-in-Chief if there any issues (this should be automatic for Facebook & Twitter)  

  • Participate in monthly Blog Editorial calls

  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity of the Blog

  • Enhance the Blog's public standing

  • Develop series and assist with onboarding new series editors

  • Other activities as discussed with the Editor-in-Chief

Here are the requirements:

  • Graduate degree or working towards a graduate degree

  • Experience with writing, editing, and working with others

  • Technologically Competent


To apply submit the following to Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Sabrina D. MisirHiralall at [email protected] by February 9 with the subject line Teaching Beat Editor Submission APA Blog.

  • Cover Letter – Your cover letter should describe how your experience prepares you to fulfill the expected responsibilities of an editor at the blog.  

  • Statement of Interest – Explain why you are interested in being a part of the Editorial Team at the blog

  • CV/Resume – Please include relevant information for the position. 

This is considered a part-time role.  You will receive a quarterly stipend for this position. 

We will contact finalists by email to coordinate a short second-round interview. 

How to apply
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