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3 Fully-funded 4 years PhD Positions in Philosophy (all areas)

PACE Project, University of Vienna

Job category Graduate fellowship / Fixed term
AOS Open
AOC Open
Workload Part time
Vacancies 3
Location Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Start date October 2024
Job description

We are filling three four-year praedoc positions in any area of philosophy. The successful candidate(s) will enroll in the University of Vienna doctoral programme in philosophy and join the Vienna Doctoral School in Philosophy (VDP, vd-philosophy.univie.ac.at/). While the successful candidates can pursue a doctoral research project in any area of philosopy, using any philosophical method, they will be expected to conduct their research with special attention to their own method, and to participate in discussions on philosophical method.

The positions are funded by the FWF doc.funds project PACE (pace.phl.univie.ac.at/).

The main duties are: 
• to develop a PhD research plan and have it approved by the doctoral board within the first 12 months.
• to sign a supervision agreement within the first 12-18 months, which sets out the trajectory to successful completion of the research.
• to complete some coursework in line with the doctoral programme (at least 24 ECTS).
• to participate actively in VDP and PACE research activities.
• to contribute to the organization of VDP and PACE events, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and summer schools.
• to complete and submit the doctoral thesis within four years.

There are no teaching duties associated with these positions but there will be some opportunities to teach certain undergraduate courses in the department (for extra pay). These are four-year positions with a gross monthly salary of 2684 Euros. In Austria 14 monthly salaries are paid out in a year, so that this corresponds to a gross annual salary of 37577Euros. (Net salaries can be calculated on this page: onlinerechner.haude.at/BMF-Brutto-Netto-Rechner/). 

Funding is available for conference trips and stays abroad. The contracts are initially for two years and will be renewed for another two years after successful completion of the first two years, including approval of the research plan.

How to apply
Application type Online
In order to apply, candidates must complete the online application form and upload the following documents by Wednesday 6 March 2024: 1. a cover letter (anonymized) mentioning two potential supervisors from the VDP faculty, including at least one from among the PACE faculty. 2. a CV (anonymized), containing at least the following rubrics: academic qualifications, areas of expertise and competence, publications (if any), presentations (if any), admin/organizational experience (if any), career breaks (if any). 3. a PhD research proposal (anonymized), of no more than three pages length. 4. one or two writing samples (anonymized), of a maximum of 5000 words length each. documents 1.–4. are anonymized and should be contained in a single PDF-file 5. degree certificates and academic transcripts (compiled in one PDF-file). Completing the online application form will involve providing the contact details of two people who can provide a letter of reference (letters of reference will be requested only after longlisting). We would like to encourage candidates to apply simultaneously in the concurrent application process for 3 PhD-positions funded by the Cluster of Excellence project "Knowledge in Crisis", which can be done by simply clicking that option in the online application form. Selection timetable: We expect to shortlist candidates for interview by 19 April 2024 and hold online interviews on 6, 7 and 8 May 2024. IMPORTANT. If your application is successful and you accept a position at the University of Vienna, you will need to move to Vienna before you can start the employment. You will need to submit degree certificates and transcripts that have the required legalization. Degree certificates or transcripts that are not in German or English must be translated into one of these two languages. The translation must be done by a court sworn translator after the documents have been legalized.
Web address to apply https://vd-philosophy.univie.ac.at/admission/open-...
Hard deadline March 6, 2024, 11:59pm CET
Web address for more information https://vd-philosophy.univie.ac.at/admission/open-...
Contact name Raphael Aybar
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Scheduled expiry date March 6, 2024, 11:59pm CET
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