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Post-doctoral Fellowship (EXPIRED)

Faculty of History and Philosophy, University of Iceland

Job category Postdoc or similar / Fixed term
AOS Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, or Metaphilosophy
AOS categories Epistemology
Philosophy of Science
AOC Open
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Location Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland
Start date Flexible, but between September 1st 2019 and January 1st 2020.
Job description

The University of Iceland invites applications for a post-doctoral fellowship at the School of Humanities (Institute of Philosophy) in connection with the research project ‘Understanding Progress, in Science and Beyond’, funded by the Icelandic Research Fund (RANNÍS). The full-time position is fixed-term for 3 years.

Project description

‘Understanding Progress, in Science and Beyond’ is a three-year project based at the University of Iceland. The main objectives of this project are (i) to develop and evaluate a novel understanding-based account of scientific progress, and (ii) to explore the prospects for extending this account to philosophical progress. The proposed understanding-based account differs from the three currently dominant accounts of scientific progress, which respectively explicate such progress in terms of  knowledge, truthlikeness, and problem-solving abilities. This project will connect with burgeoning research on scientific and philosophical understanding in order to develop an account of scientific and philosophical progress that simultaneously builds on the successes of competing accounts and improves upon their weaknesses.

The understanding-based proposed account holds, roughly, that science and philosophy make progress precisely when they increase our understanding of the relevant phenomena. This account, which was first sketched with regard to scientific progress in recent publications by the project's principal investigator Finnur Dellsén, will serve as the central working hypothesis for the project. Using standard methodology from philosophy of science and epistemology, the project will seek to capitalize on various potential advantages of this understanding-based account, e.g., regarding the systematicity of scientific and philosophical representation, the epistemic value of understanding, and the role of idealizations in scientific and philosophical theorizing.

The project is led by Finnur Dellsén (University of Iceland), who is the project’s principal investigator (PI), and Insa Lawler (UNC Greensboro), who is the project’s co-investigator (Co-I). The project also  involves the following international collaborators: Alexander Bird (KCL), Henk de Regt (Radboud University Nijmegen), Catherine Elgin (Harvard), Alison Hills (Oxford), Milena  Ivanova (Cambridge), Kareem Khalifa (Middlebury), Ilkka Niiniluoto (Helsinki), Daniel Stoljar (ANU), and Michael Strevens (NYU).
Further information about the project is available at: https://understandprogress.wordpress.com/

Job description

The tasks of the post-doctoral fellow include undertaking research relevant to the project goals, prepare research publications, present papers at appropriate scholarly conferences and meetings, and assist with the administration of the project and its events. The post-doctoral researcher will be expected to work with a research team consisting, among others, of the project’s PI, Finnur Dellsén, and its Co-I, Insa Lawler, and the international collaborators listed above.

The post-doctoral fellow will be expected to spend the majority of their working time at the University of Iceland to facilitate the collaboration of the team. The University will assist with applications of visa permits if needed for non-EU/EEA applicants (EU and EEA citizens do not need a work visa). 
The University of Iceland is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all fields and strives to be at the forefront in all areas of equality, employing an ambitious equality policy which encompasses both staff and students. The University of Iceland is a family-friendly university which, among other things, offers newly recruited employees assistance to bring their family to Iceland. In accordance with Icelandic laws, the post-doctoral fellow would become eligible for health care benefits, paid maternity or paternity leaves, and other special leaves.

Qualification requirements

  •  A doctoral degree in philosophy completed within 5 years from the beginning of the fellowship in a relevant field of the research project (extensions of eligibility window will be considered for career breaks relating to illnesses, maternity or paternity leaves and other related events).
  •  Excellent English skills (spoken and written) are a requirement. Knowledge of Icelandic is not required.
  •  Preference will be given to those scholars whose research background relates to the research focus of the project. A background in philosophy of science or epistemology or meta-philosophy is thus desirable.

Application process

The expected starting point of the position is between September 1st 2019 and January 1st 2020.

The application should include: 
•    An academic CV
•    A statement of research intent (up to 500 words)
•    A sample of academic writing (e.g., an article or chapter)
•    Certificates of academic degrees
•    Two or three letters of recommendation with contact information (these may be sent anonymously to esmari@hi.is)

All applications will be answered and applicants will be informed about the appointment when a decision has been made. Applications may be valid for six months.

Salaries follow the standardised wage agreements between the Association of University Teachers (Félag háskólakennara, www.fh.hi.is) and the Ministry of Finances. 

Appointments to positions at the University of Iceland are made in consideration of the Equal Rights Policy of the University of Iceland.  

The University of Iceland has a special Language Policy.

Specialized assistance and practical support is offered to all incoming international staff and their families on various issues related to moving to Iceland. More information can be found at the University of Iceland website, International Staff Service.

Further information

For further information please contact Finnur Dellsén, associate professor of philosophy, fud@hi.is, Eirkur Smári Sigurðsson, Director of Research, School of Humanities, esmari@hi.is.

Application deadline

The application deadline is July 1st 2019 (at 11:59 GMT).

How to apply
Application type Online
Please find the advertisement for this position at the webpage linked below, and then click on "Apply Now".
Web address to apply https://english.hi.is/vacancies
Hard deadline July 1, 2019, 11:59pm GMT
Web address for more information https://understandprogress.wordpress.com/
Contact name Finnur Dellsén
Contact email
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Scheduled expiry date July 1, 2019, 11:59pm GMT
Expired on July 3, 2019, 12:46am GMT
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