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Creating a job advertisement

Thanks for your interest in creating a job advertisement on PhilJobs:JFP. Please read the instructions below. When you are ready to proceed, click the "Proceed" button at the bottom of the page.


PhilJobs:JFP aims to be a freely available, comprehensive international listing of jobs relevant to philosophers of any level of training.

Jobs that can be advertised on PhilJobs:JFP include:

  • Tenure-track, tenured, or continuing faculty positions
  • Limited term positions (e.g. Visiting Assistant Professor positions and postdoctoral fellowships)
  • Any competitive fellowship or grant-funded position that must be applied for directly to an institution
  • Research Assistantships
  • Non-academic positions of particular interested to individuals with a training in philosophy, e.g. bioethicist for a hospital, formal ontologist in a technology company

In case of doubt, please contact the PhilJobs:JFP job manager at with the full job description.


We accept ads year-around. However, it is preferable for the community if departments follow certain conventions. For tenure-track/continuing positions advertised in the second half of the calendar year, we recommend an application deadline of November 1 or later. It is further recommended that postings be submitted at least 30 days prior to the application deadline to ensure that candidates have ample time to apply.

Usage policy

Submitters of job ads agree to respect our nondiscrimination policy. This includes avoiding "all forms of discrimination based on race, color, religion, political convictions, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification or age, whether in graduate admissions, appointments, retention, promotion and tenure, manuscript evaluation, salary determination, or other professional activities in which philosophers characteristically participate." We take the view that physical requirements specified by a job ad that unnecessarily exclude members of protected classes such as disabled persons are inconsistent with this policy.

In addition, submitted ads must comply with the other applicable APA policies and our general terms and conditions for this site.


Note: Each ad on PhilJobs:JFP can advertise only one type of position, where the type of a position is determined by the job classification, the job title, the AOS and the AOC. If an institution has two or more jobs that are identical in these respects, it may advertise them all as part of the same ad. Otherwise, separate ads must be purchased. This restriction is required to ensure that our ads can be searched and monitored efficiently by job seekers.

Each type of position corresponds to a base price, detailed below. The price of an ad is the base price plus an additional 20% of the base price for each additional vacancy (up to twice the base price). If the number of vacancies is uncertain, we ask that you use the expected number of individuals to be hired.

Base prices

Tenure-track, continuing, and tenured faculty positions US$300.00
Postdocs, research-centric positions of a year or more US$180.00
All other positions (visiting positions, sessional lectureships, PhD fellowships, etc.) US$90.00
Teaching institutions that do not grant BAs or similar degrees (for example, community colleges, CEGEPs, and high schools) are eligible for a 50% discount.


An ad for three identical tenure-track positions at a BA-granting institution would cost $420: the base price of $300 plus $60 (20% of the base price) for each of the two additional vacancies.

Duration and expiry

Ads expire automatically on the earliest of (a) the day after the application deadline and (b) 180 days after publication. Ads can also be expired manually by advertisers.

Expired ads remain in our database. The only limitations on expired ads are that they cannot be modified and do not show in ad listings by default. Expired ads can be searched by selecting this option on the search/browse page.


Use separate ads for jobs with distinct requirements. Doing otherwise may result in job seekers not finding out about some of the positions you are running together. Ads including multiple positions with distinct requirements will not be posted.

Be careful when specifying job type, contract type, and AOS. Many job seekers rely on the information specified in these fields to monitor jobs selectively. If you enter the wrong information (for example, "fixed term" for a tenure-track job), your ad may not reach its intended audience.