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Associate Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Practical Philosophy (EXPIRED)

Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University

Job category Junior faculty / Tenure-track or similar
AOS Practical Philosophy
AOS categories Philosophy of Action
Decision Theory
Philosophy of Social Science
Applied Ethics
AOC Practical Philosophy
AOC categories Philosophy of Action
Decision Theory
Philosophy of Social Science
Applied Ethics
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Organization's reference number SU FV-2262-19
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Job description

The department of philosophy at Stockholm University invites applications for a position as Associate Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Practical Philosophy. Applications are welcome from candidates with expertise in Practical Philosophy, including applied ethics, normative ethics, metaethics, political philosophy, action theory, philosophy of religion, aesthetics, philosophy of law, philosophy of economics, decision theory, game theory, and social choice.

Main responsibilities
The primary duties of the appointee will be (i) research in Practical Philosophy; (ii) both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision in Practical Philosophy. In addition, the appointee will be expected actively to seek external funding, to support research at the department. He or she will also be expected to participate in departmental administration.

The appointment includes 60% research time and 40% teaching and administration.

The appointee will be entitled to generous parental leave entitlements and similar benefits. Please see https://www.su.se/english/staff/personnel/2.258 for further details.

In order to qualify for the position, the applicant must have pedagogical skill and have received a doctoral degree or equivalent qualifications. In the first instance, an applicant should be considered who has received a doctoral degree or equivalent qualifications no more than five* years before the deadline for applications.

[*Correction: the ad originally stated seven years due to an editing error.]

Swedish language skills at the time of entering the position is not required. Within a period of two years, the applicant should, however, be prepared to carry out certain teaching and administrative tasks that require knowledge of the Swedish language.

A general assessment criterion is the ability to work with other people, as well as other general abilities required to perform one’s duties.

Assessment criteria
Special emphasis will be placed on excellence in research, as demonstrated by the candidate’s record of scholarship. Emphasis will also be placed on excellence in teaching, as demonstrated by the candidate’s teaching portfolio. In addition, some weight will be placed on demonstrated competence in administration and willingness and ability to collaborate with others and perform the primary duties of the post well.

Candidates will have demonstrated competence in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and a willingness to take part in academic leadership.

Teaching and learning in higher education
Completed training in teaching and learning in higher education worth at least 7,5 credits, or equivalent knowledge, is an advantage.

The Philosophy Department at Stockholm University
The Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University is the largest in Sweden, boasting a lively community of philosophers with a broad range of scholarly interests. The traditional strengths of the department, including meta-ethics, normative ethics, applied ethics and value theory, have recently been augmented by the addition of the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace. We have a strong international profile; we are involved in several international research networks and were selected as one of the leading research areas in the humanities at Stockholm University in the two most recent rounds of assessment (in 2008 and 2014). We frequently attract visitors from around the world, and regularly invite internationally renowned philosophers to our colloquium. Every second year, we host the Wedberg Lectures, to which a particularly eminent philosopher is invited.

Teaching at the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University is divided between Practical and Theoretical Philosophy. Practical Philosophy comprises normative ethics, meta-ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law, aesthetics, and metaphysics (e.g., free will, personal identity, and philosophy of religion). We offer a three-year PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) program at the undergraduate level, and a one-year Master’s course at the postgraduate level.

With our idyllic location in the heart of the National City Park, we offer a beautiful and stimulating environment for philosophical research. Please see https://www.philosophy.su.se for more information.

Additional information
An associate senior lecturer/assistant professor is employed until further notice, but no longer than four years. The contract may be extended to a maximum of six years under special circumstances, such as due to sick leave or parental leave.

The associate senior lecturer/assistant professor may, on application, be promoted to a permanent position as senior lecturer/associate professor. Specific criteria for promotion from associate senior lecturer/assistant professor to senior lecturer/associate professor have been adopted by the Faculty of Humanitis and can be found at https://www.su.se. An application for promotion to enior lecturer/associate professor should be submitted to the faculty at least 12 months before the appointment as associate senior lecturer/assistant professor expires.

Stockholm University is an equal opportunities employer. We particularly encourage applications from women and other groups that have been underrepresented.

For further information please contact the Chair, Professor Björn Eriksson, tel +46 (0)8 164493, bjorn.eriksson@philosophy.su.se

For questions concerning the application process please contact Kenneth Hjalmarsson, tel +46 (0)8 162130, kenneth.hjalmarsson@su.se.

Union representatives
Ingrid Lander (Saco-S), telephone: +46 708 16 26 64, saco@saco.su.se, Alejandra Pizarro Carrasco (Fackförbundet ST/Lärarförbundet), telephone: +46 8 16 34 89, alejandra@st.su.se, and seko@seko.su.se (SEKO).

Apply for the position at Stockholm University's recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline.

We would appreciate it if your application is written in English. Since it will be examined by international experts, English is the working language.

The University’s rules of employment and instructions for applicants are available at https://www.su.se/english/about/working-at-su/instructions-applicants.

How to apply
Application type Online
Web address to apply https://www.su.se/english/about/working-at-su/jobs...
Hard deadline August 15, 2019, 11:59pm CET
Web address for more information https://www.su.se/english/about/working-at-su/jobs...
Contact name Björn Eriksson
Contact email
Contact phone +46 (0)8 164493
Time created June 20, 2019, 2:31pm EST
Scheduled expiry date August 15, 2019, 11:59pm CET
Expired on August 17, 2019, 12:46am CET
Last updated October 16, 2019, 3:00pm EST
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