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Metaphysics Postdoc

Department of Philosophy, University of Victoria

Job category Postdoc or similar / Fixed term
AOS Metaphysics
AOS categories Metaphysics
AOC Open
Workload Full time
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Location Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Start date July 1, 2023
Job description

This two-year postdoc is funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant project “The Essence of Anti-Essentialism”, a collaboration between Michael Raven (principal investigator) and Kathrin Koslicki (co-applicant). The aim of this multi-year project is to reevaluate and defend essence against contemporary and historical challenges. The project is intimately related to the Metaphysics Collaborative, has co-sponsored several workshops on essence and its applications, led to the publication of relevant articles in the journal Metaphysics, and will culminate with the forthcoming publication of The Routledge Handbook of Essence (co-edited by Kathrin Koslicki and Michael Raven).

The main purpose of the postdoc is to foster philosophical research generally relevant to the project’s focus on essence, broadly construed. Additional responsibilities include editorial assistance for The Routledge Handbook of Essence, editorial assistance for the journal Metaphysics, and organizational assistance for the Metaphysics Collaborative.

Qualifications. Applicants must be within five years of having completed a PhD in philosophy, with an area of specialization in metaphysics (ideally, with a focus in an area related to the project, including but not limited to essence, artifacts, or social metaphysics).

Applications. Must include:

  1. Cover letter explaining your fit for the position; 
  2. CV; 
  3. Writing sample (ideally, on a topic relevant to the project); 
  4. Research statement; and 
  5. Three letters of evaluation. 

Items 1-4 should be sent (as separate PDF attachments) in a single email to [email protected].

Letters of evaluations should be emailed to [email protected] by either the letter writer or an appropriate proxy.

Completed applications must be received no later than December 1, 2022 in order to receive full consideration.

Term. The position begins July 1, 2023 and ends June 30, 2025. The position is primarily based at the University of Victoria under Michael Raven’s supervision. It is also anticipated that there will be an option for scholarly travel to the University of Neuchatel under Kathrin Koslicki’s supervision.

Compensation. CAD$45,000/year salary, plus benefits. While this is primarily a research position, limited opportunities to teach (for pay) at the University of Victoria may be available. 

How to apply
Application type Email
Email to apply
Hard deadline December 1, 2022, 11:59pm PST
Web address for more information https://www.uvic.ca/humanities/philosophy/
Contact name Michael Raven
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Scheduled expiry date December 1, 2022, 11:59pm PST
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