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PhD student in Practical Philosophy (EXPIRED)

Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University

Job category Graduate fellowship / Fixed term
AOS Practical Philosophy
AOS categories Philosophy of Action
Philosophy of Religion
Decision Theory
Philosophy of Social Science
Applied Ethics
Biomedical Ethics
Business Ethics
Environmental Philosophy
Feminist Philosophy
Normative Ethics
Philosophy of Gender
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Race
Social and Political Philosophy
Value Theory
AOC Practical Philosophy
AOC categories Philosophy of Action
Philosophy of Religion
Decision Theory
Philosophy of Social Science
Applied Ethics
Value Theory
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Organization's reference number SU FV-4365-22
Location Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Start date September 1 2023
Job description

The Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University is the largest in Sweden, boasting a lively community of philosophers with a broad range of scholarly interests. The department has a strong international profile: we frequently attract visitors from around the world, regularly invite internationally renowned philosophers to our colloquium, and are involved in several international research networks. We have been repeatedly selected as one of the leading research areas in the humanities at Stockholm University.

From 2023, the Department of Philosophy will launch NONO, a joint doctoral school on Norms and Normativity, together with the philosophy departments at Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg, funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).  Doctoral students will be able to take advantage of a large research network, cross-listed courses, workshops, and joint colloquiums.

The Department also hosts the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace. Several of our faculty members are associated with the Institute for Futures Studies, which runs research projects of philosophical relevance, or with the Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics.

Subject area

Practical philosophy includes a range of research areas related to norms and normativity, including in particular applied ethics, normative ethics, meta-ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of action, philosophy of the social and behavioral sciences (including social ontology and philosophy of economics), philosophy of religion, aesthetics, philosophy of law, decision theory, game theory, and the history of these sub-disciplines.

Qualification requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements, the applicant must have completed a second-cycle degree, completed courses equivalent to at least 240 higher education credits, of which 60 credits must be in the second cycle, and 30 of these, including a thesis, must be in practical philosophy, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or elsewhere.

In order to meet the specific entry requirements, the general syllabus for doctoral studies in the field of practical philosophy stipulates that applicants must successfully completed advanced level courses of 30 credits in practical philosophy including a degree project.

Those who have not completed their second cycle thesis or degree at the time of application might submit their thesis and proof of completion no later than June 12, 2023.


The selection among the eligible candidates will be based on their capacity to benefit from the training. The selection is made with regard to the following criteria:


  1. Education. Assessment of both depth and breadth of previous education.
  2. Scientific production. Based on a Bachelor’s thesis, a Master’s thesis or other academic papers, the ability of the applicant to benefit from the education is considered in relation to the following assessment criteria:
  • Critical ability  
  • Analytical ability
  • Creativity
  • Independence

The assessment should also take into consideration the aspect of time, that is, to what extent the applicant has shown the ability to meet their previous scientific obligations within given time constraints. In addition, the scientific progress of the applicant is considered.

Research plan:

The applicant should enclose a research plan, which should cover the research problem and an outline of the research project. The research plan is assessed according to:

  • Relevance
  • Originality
  • Completion within given time constraints (that is full-time work during a four-year period of doctoral studies)

Ability to collaborate:

The ability of the applicant to be collaborative is determined by personal references, certificates or interviews.

Admission Regulations for Doctoral Studies at Stockholm University are available at Rules and regulations.

Selection process

After the closing date (January 31, 2023), applications submitted will be given a preliminary ranking. Applicants will be notified of their standing in this ranking no later than March 1, 2023.

After the last day for submitting theses and proof of second-cycle degree (June 12, 2023), a final ranking will be established. Applicants will receive notification of admission no later than June 22, 2023.

Also note that the final ranking on which admissions are based might diverge from the preliminary ranking communicated earlier.

Terms of employment

Starting date: September 1, 2023, unless otherwise agreed.

Only a person who will be or has already been admitted to a third-cycle program may be appointed to a doctoral studentship.

The term of the initial contract may not exceed one year. The employment may be extended for a maximum of two years at a time. However, the total period of employment may not exceed the equivalent of four years of full-time study.

Doctoral students should primarily devote themselves to their own education, but are also encouraged to engage in teaching, research, and administration corresponding to a maximum of 20 % of a full-time position.

The doctoral studentship is a fully salaried position currently starting at SEK 336.000 per annum, raised at 50% and 80% completion of PhD studies, reaching SEK 376.800. It comes with standard employment-based benefits provided by the Swedish social security system, including sickness benefits, a rehabilitation allowance, and generous parental-leave insurance.

After the student’s successful completion of the PhD program, the department may grant 6 months extension of the employment for the development of research projects for future employment in their area of research.

Please note that admission decisions cannot be appealed.

Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.


For more information, please contact the Head of the Department, Professor Björn Eriksson, telephone: +46 8 16 44 93, [email protected].

Further information about the PhD program in Practical Philosophy can be obtained from Professor Gunnar Björnsson, [email protected].

Union representatives

Ingrid Lander (Saco-S), telephone: +46 708 16 26 64, [email protected], Alejandra Pizarro Carrasco (Fackförbundet ST/Lärarförbundet), telephone: +46 8 16 34 89, [email protected], [email protected] (SEKO), and PhD student representative, [email protected].


Apply for the PhD student position at Stockholm University’s recruitment system.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline.

Please include the following information with your application

  • Your contact details and personal data
  • Your highest degree
  • Your language skills
  • Contact details for 2–3 references.

In addition, please include the following documents

  • Cover letter
  • CV – degrees and other completed courses, work experience and a list of degree projects/theses
  • Research proposal (maximum 2,500 words)
  • Degree certificates and grades confirming that you meet the qualification requirements, in chronological order (no more than 6 files)
  • Up to four writing samples (papers, theses) along with a document ordering these according to how important they are for assessing your qualifications generally and in relation to your research project.

The instructions for applicants are available at: How to apply for a position.

You are welcome to apply!

Stockholm University contributes to the development of sustainable democratic society through knowledge, enlightenment and the pursuit of truth.

Closing date: January 31, 2023.

Ref. No. SU FV-4365-22

URL: https://www.su.se/english/about-the-university/work-at-su/available-jobs/phd-student-positions-1.507588?rmpage=job&rmjob=19502&rmlang=UK

How to apply
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Web address to apply https://www.su.se/english/about-the-university/wor...
Hard deadline January 31, 2023, 11:59pm CET
Web address for more information https://www.su.se/english/about-the-university/wor...
Contact name Professor Björn Eriksson
Contact email
Contact phone +46 8 16 44 93
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