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1 two-year postdoctoral position in epistemology (EXPIRED)

Department of Philosophy, University of Barcelona

Job category Postdoc or similar / Fixed term
AOS Epistemology
AOS categories Epistemology
AOC Epistemology
AOC categories Epistemology
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Organization's reference number BIAP_POSTDOC_WP1
Location Faculty of Philosophy, University of Barcelona, C/Montalegre 6, 08001, Catalonia, Spain
Start date October 1st, 2023
Job description

The Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy (BIAP), a María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (CEX2021-001169-M), offers 1 two-year postdoctoral position in epistemology based at the University of Barcelona.

The gross salary is €36.000 per annum.

The successful candidate is expected to work on issues in epistemology and to contribute to the pursuit of one of the following research objectives:

  • to clarify the relation between evidence, truth, knowledge, and justification (taking into account the epistemic paradoxes and recent issues in the discussion of closure and knowledge from falsehood);
  • to identify sets of evidential norms, contrast them with norms of inquiry, and assess the force and utility of either type of norms for the criticism of beliefs.

The successful candidate is further expected to actively participate in BIAP's research activities and in the organization of research and outreach events.

Selection criteria

Candidates from any country can apply, including non-EU members. To be eligible, candidates must hold a PhD degree in philosophy. Apart from the standard scientific criteria, selection will be guided by the following criteria:

• Candidates should command the English language in both written and spoken form.
• Candidates should have a solid background in analytic philosophy.
• Candidates should be familiar with formal tools for addressing issues in epistemology.

BIAP strongly encourages applications from women and members of other groups underrepresented in the profession. 

Application material

The application package should include all of the following:

• motivation letter,
• curriculum vitae (incl. list of publications, if any),
• PhD certificate or equivalent,
• research proposal,
• 2 writing samples (in English and of reasonable length - entire theses will not be accepted),
• 2 confidential letters of reference (to be submitted by academic referees under separate cover).

All application documents (except the confidential reference letters) should be converted to PDF, not exceeding 2MB in total.
Applications, including all the requested application material, must be submitted via https://www.ub.edu/insgenct/inici.php?idioma=eng, with the call identifier BIAP _POSTDOC_WP1 mentioned under 'details of request'.

For further details of the call, the eligibility criteria, the application procedure, and the selection process, please go to https://www.ub.edu/biap/news/

How to apply
Application type Online
Web address to apply https://www.ub.edu/insgenct/inici.php?idioma=eng
Hard deadline May 31, 2023, 11:59pm CET
Web address for more information https://www.ub.edu/biap/news/
Contact name Chiara Panizza
Contact email
Time created May 10, 2023, 3:01pm UTC
Scheduled expiry date May 31, 2023, 11:59pm CET
Expired on June 2, 2023, 12:46am CET
Last updated August 1, 2023, 3:00pm UTC
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