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Dean of Humanities (EXPIRED)

Department of Humanities, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics not BA-granting

Job category Senior faculty / Tenured, continuing or permanent
AOS Open
AOC Open
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Location Durham, North Carolina, United States
Start date May 1, 2024
Job description

POSITION LOCATION: Durham, NC or Morganton, NC (NCSSM employees are generally required to live within a reasonable commuting distance of their assigned duty station)

POSTING DATE:  November 3, 2023

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled - priority consideration to applications received prior to December 31, 2023


HIRING SALARY: Salary commensurate with education and experience

NCSSM is ranked as the #2 Public School in the U.S.

NCSSM and Academic Programs foster an environment of collaboration across departments and divisions and support community-engaged service and research. NCSSM is proud of the diversity of its student body, and we seek to attract an equally diverse applicant pool for this position. NCSSM is an equal-opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, status as an individual with a disability, or status as a protected veteran. If you are an individual with disabilities requiring accommodations in the application and interview process, please contact us at [email protected]

Description of Duties:

Leadership Across NCSSM-Durham, NCSSM-Morganton and NCSSM-Online 

Create a “one-school” culture. Engage in and accomplish NCSSM’s Strategic Plan. Create and make informed decisions using programmatic, faculty and curriculum assessment. Facilitate and lead NCSSM’s movement toward interdisciplinary coursework and experiences, including connections among all STEM areas, the arts, and humanities across the three campuses. Provide vision and leadership to the Humanities department across our Durham, Morganton and Online campuses. 

Oversee and lead equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Humanities department across our Durham and Morganton campuses and our Online program. Evaluate and improve departmental and summer programs while streamlining processes and procedures. Administer the department's State and Foundation budgets while helping to develop donor relationships. Collaborate with internal and external constituents to lead all Humanities operations. Travel and weekend work are required.

Enrollment, Master Schedule, Courses, and Programs

Oversee and lead a master schedule that optimizes courses across NCSSM-Durham, NCSSM-Morganton and NCSSM-Online to include some offerings in a hybrid model across programs, including coordinating the department’s January-Term offerings, new courses and interdisciplinary offerings, the annual revision of the NCSSM course catalog including course descriptions, prerequisites, and meeting patterns. Develop and coordinate professional development opportunities across the campuses to enrich faculty and staff expertise in the implementation of innovative pedagogy, the use of technology, or other institution-wide topics.

Ensure academic clubs, forums, competitions and other academic experiences are inclusive of NCSSM-Durham, NCSSM-Morganton and NCSSM-Online. Support department chairs with the Summer Research and Innovation Program (SRIP) process, as well as NCSSM summer transition programs.


Responsible for supervising departmental chairs and administrative associates across NCSSM-Durham and NCSSM-Morganton. Responsibilities include: approving time worked and approved leave, monitoring supervisees' annual performance goals, work plans, and evaluations. Conduct classroom observations of new faculty and faculty on improvement plans. Assist with new faculty and staff orientation through training, when needed. Develop across campus professional development opportunities at the institution, discipline, and departmental levels, when appropriate. Assist the chairs with hiring new departmental faculty and staff. Support nominations for NCSSM and external awards for faculty and staff, in collaboration with the chairs.

Budget and Purchasing

Administer all annual budgets for State, Foundation, and other departmental accounts. Work with departmental Program Associate to monitor and manage departmental or discipline budgets and to share regular updates with the chairs. Approve purchase requests. Identify departmental needs across NCSSM-Durham, NCSSM-Morganton and NCSSM-Onlineand advocate for funding to meet those needs. Work with the Provost and Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer of Morganton to create a recurring budget for the department including supplies, materials, textbook, curriculum development, special projects, and summer programs for NCSSM-Morganton.

Administrative Coordination and Communication

Attend meetings representing the Academic Programs division across NCSSM-Durham, NCSSM-Morganton and NCSSM-Online(Deans and Vice Chancellor, Instructional Council, Deans and Chairs, Deans and Registrars, Institutional Advancement, BOT Meetings, Foundation Board Meetings, Deans and Faculty Senate Officers, etc.) and serve on committees (e.g., Hiring, Strategic Planning, Accreditation, and Calendar). Assist with the coordination and delivery of in-service events, including Family Day, admissions events, and professional development activities. Coordinate with other departments and divisions (Facilities, Business Office, Student Life, Counseling, HR, Extended Learning, etc.) to ensure the delivery of academic programs. Keep departmental leaders informed about important school news, initiatives, deadlines, etc. Deliver formal presentations, including presentations to the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, and Admissions events (Open Houses, Discovery Days, Welcome Days, etc.). Promote engagement and outreach activities specific to the department or disciplines. Serve as the final decision-maker for faculty, parents, students and prospective student concerns by acknowledging, researching and responding to the concern or issue.

NCSSM-Online Program

Lead and oversee online responsibilities. Examples include: Online Welcome, Online Orientation, Summer Scholar Development Course, Online Family Day, Online Weekends, Online Recognition Ceremony, Online Courses, Online Catalog, Online Master Schedules, Online Staffing, Online Purchasing, Online Communications, Online Student Support, Online Clubs, Online Competitions, Online Parents and Families, Online TAs and Tutoring, etc.

Instructional Duties

Teach one course per academic year.

Perform other job duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  • Wide-ranging knowledge of recent trends, pedagogies, and challenges in higher education, as well as K-12 education. Awareness of curriculum trends at peer institutions as well as university curriculum in the Humanities.
  • Scholarly background and research in one or several areas within the Humanities.
  • In-depth knowledge of administrative responsibilities within and across departments.
  • Background in interdisciplinary teaching, team teaching, course and program development and accreditation. 
  • Experience with and knowledge of core Humanities offerings, specifically English/literature, history, world languages and/or cultural studies and fine arts. Understand the content, successes and challenges for American Studies. 
  • Knowledge of the mission of NCSSM and the unique responsibilities of a residential and distance education program. Recognizes the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of this unique student body. 
  • Knowledge about best practices within Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 
  • A broad range of personal experience and ability to assess/evaluate the pedagogical techniques and objectives with Fine Arts 
  • Awareness of trends in contemporary pedagogy that are bringing back John Dewey’s approach, especially ones that prioritize relationships as the center of teaching and learning.
  • Knowledge of the complexities of the UNC System for a public STEM high school. Deep knowledge of both higher education/academia and secondary organizational structures. 
  • Knowledge about different language programs, such as NSLY-I, and others to help boost students' learning of world languages.


  • Cultivate the emphasis on critical thinking skills in an interdisciplinary learning environment.
  • Practice and promote a collaborative leadership style. Ability to foster a cooperative work environment, understanding that there are faculty, students, and faculty on two physical campuses. 
  • Advocate for faculty while balancing administrative needs of the whole.
  • Mentor faculty by providing clear, constructive, meaningful feedback on an ongoing basis. Experience supervising faculty and serving as a secondary supervisor and supporting middle managers (e.g. department chairs).
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Create structures and systems that encourage faculty innovation and risk taking to facilitate student growth and new opportunities. Fosters and supports creativity as well as provides ongoing encouragement for individual growth.
  • Be a leader, mediator, administrator, listener, facilitator and delegator. Seek input from chairs and other faculty members and delegate responsibilities, when appropriate
  • Organize and implement a clear, demonstrated plan for departmental short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Communicate effectively the unique qualities of the Humanities Department and can network with people in and out of the Humanities community. Competency with technical applications across various Humanities teaching areas and able to talk about and understand those applications. Active involvement with the Humanities community at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Develop a curricular program not tied to external standards (AP or IB standards, or state standards).
  • Manage state and foundation budgets
  • Possess soft skills, including but not limited to: negotiation, reconciliation/restorative practices, facilitating difficult conversations, problem-solving. 
  • Identify best practices in research to support NCSSM in various ways such as current scholarship being published in academic journals on education, the professoriate, interdisciplinary education, and the Humanities and establish research opportunities with local universities
  • Develop positive working relationships with those in the department and other employees across other divisions.  
  • Teach, assess and support students.


  • Listen and think critically to ensure departmental progress and find creative ways to promote innovation and positive change as NCSSM continues to evolve. Willingness to ask faculty members and students for input to make changes, as necessary. Possess a sense of humility, vulnerability and characteristics of a growth mindset.
  • Promote the work of the Humanities department to diverse audiences (students and families, alumni, other NC stakeholders, prospective donors, etc).
  • Develop and support outreach initiatives. Make connections between course content and community-based outreach/volunteering/internship opportunities for students (make humanities courses relevant to real-world context)
  • Advocate for resources, in terms of professional development funds, supplies and materials, and facilities. Defining the position of the Department of Humanities within the institution and enthusiastically and strategically situate the department for increased funding and resources.
  • Advocate passionately for arts programming in STEM school.
  • Navigate the changes to World Languages, respect instructor autonomy while holding faculty accountable for meeting the guidelines/practices/policies of the department and the institution. 
  • Understand how to work with a master schedule in a way that best meets the needs of students first and faculty.
  • Perform educational triage.
  • Keep calm under pressure, especially dealing with challenging situations.
  • Assist with developing recommendations for improving Humanities teaching and learning and issues in Humanities education on a state and national level.
  • Support approaches that support student centered teaching. 
  • Empower students and faculty to excel by supporting their strengths.
  • Encourage open discussion about the department climate and create a structure to ensure steps are taken towards change, when needed.
  • Understand advancement work and be an effective fundraiser.

Minimum Education and Experience:

Masters degree in a Humanities or related field and seven years of related experience, to include experience supervision, teaching experience, curriculum development experience, and three years of relevant leadership experience. 

When applying, please submit a cover letter, CV, and statement of leadership philosophy.

Team NCSSM Benefits:

Free On-campus Parking

Vacation: Varied based on EHRA or SHRA Classification. For SHRA and Faculty, earn from 14 days to 26 days per year based on years of state service (part-time employees are pro-rated).  EHRA SAAO Group I, receives 26 days per year and EHRA SAAO Group II/Instructional (IRIT), receives 24 days per year. Leave is earned monthly.

Sick Leave: 12 days per year.

Additional Leave: Family Medical Leave (FMLA), Paid Parental Leave (PPL), Civil Leave, Extended Illness, Short/Long Term Disability, Family Illness Leave, Military Leave, Community Service Leave, Bonus Leave, Voluntary Shared Leave and Leave Without Pay.

Holidays:12 days per year

Retirement: Required participation for all employees working 3/4 time or more. Option (1) Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS) requires 6% of gross salary. Employees are vested for retirement after 5 years. Option (2) The Optional Retirement Program (ORP) requires 6% of gross salary. Employees in ORP are vested after 5 years of participating in ORP. As a participant in either retirement program, you are automatically covered for short-term disability (eligible after 1 year of service/no cost), long term disability (eligible after 5 year of service/no cost). Death benefit of minimum $25,000/maximum $50,000 based on previous 12 month salary (eligible after 1 year of service/no cost).

Supplemental Retirement Plans: Supplemental retirement plans provide an additional opportunity to help you reach your retirement goals.  Supplemental Plan offerings such as a 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) on a Roth (after-tax) or pre-tax contributions from several different vendors.

Health Insurance: Employee only coverage under the State Health Plan (PPO) is provided to employees that work 30 or more hours a week. The cost is determined by the type of coverage elected by the employee. Dependent coverage is available by payroll deduction.

NC Flex Plan: Plan offers Health Care Flexible Spending, Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending, Dental Insurance, Vision Care Plan, Critical Illness, Cancer Insurance, Core Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, Accident, and Group Term Life. All plans are pre-tax basis / Cost varies depending on selections.

Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance: Securian (This is an after-tax plan and is portable)

Tuition Waiver: Three courses per academic year tuition free (at any of UNC 17 campuses that offer courses) for permanent full-time employees.

State Employees Credit Union: Membership welcomed. Contact the SECU Credit Union for information.

Community Service: 24 hours leave credited each calendar year (prorated for part-time) unless you choose the Mentoring/ tutoring option – 1 hour each week up to a max of 36 hours that schools are in session as documented by the elected board of the local education agency or the governing authority of any non-public school.

Facilities: Library & Gymnasium - other athletic facilities available at no cost to employees. Cafeteria on site.

Remote Options: Remote options are available (1) when students are not on campus and there are no in-person required meetings and (2) with supervisor approval.

About NCSSM:

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) is a world-class public high school with statewide reach empowering academically talented students from diverse backgrounds from every corner of the state to design their own future. We offer residential high school programs in Durham and Morganton for juniors and seniors or virtual high school courses and programs that students can take alongside their local curriculum, all tuition free. Our wide array of summer offerings for rising 5th- through 12th-graders includes free opportunities for in-state students alongside paid options for students from anywhere in the world. NCSSM Extended Learning partners with communities and regions to advance student learning and outcomes.

Specializing in science, technology, engineering, and math, and embracing the fine arts and humanities, NCSSM has become the model for 18 such specialized schools around the globe since its founding in 1980 and is a full constituent of the University of North Carolina System. NCSSM’s Ignite + Transform comprehensive campaign seeks to raise $50 million in private support for our mission.

The new NCSSM-Morganton campus opened in 2022 for summer programs and its first fall academic term. NCSSM-Morganton focuses on the booming fields of data science and artificial intelligence, preparing the leaders of tomorrow to navigate a future driven by data and machine learning, with emphasis on the humanistic implications and ethical use of these tools.

Nearly two-thirds of NCSSM graduates earn a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field -- over three times the national average, including 58 percent of our underrepresented minority graduates, which is nearly four times the national average. Nearly three-quarters have earned or are seeking a graduate degree. A 2020 economic impact study found that 54 percent of our alumni continue to live and work in North Carolina, catalyzing nearly $1.3 billion in annual economic activity. NCSSM embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion, and seeks to recruit employees who share these values.

For more information, please read the NCSSM strategic plan and visit ncssm.edu.

How to Apply:

Submit electronic application via: http://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/northcarolina/. Please create an account, search for the Dean of Humanities position vacancy, and submit the online application.

When applying, please submit these 3 items: a cover letter, CV, and statement of leadership philosophy. 

Please complete your application in full. All required Competencies, Work History, and Credentials must appear on the application in the Education and Work Experience sections of the application to receive consideration during the selection process. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing the State Application form in its entirety. “See Attached Resume or an Embedded Text Resume” will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. Degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

Applicants seeking Veteran's Preference must attach a DD form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, along with the state application. Applicants seeking National Guard Preference must attach a NGB 23A (RPAS) if they are a current member of the NC National Guard in good standing. If applicants are a former member of the NC National Guard who served for at least six years and was discharged under honorable conditions, they must attach either a DD256 or NGB 22 along with their state application.

Final candidates are subject to criminal and sex offender background checks. Some vacancies also require a motor vehicle check. If the highest degree is from an institution outside of the U.S., final candidates are required to have their degree equivalency verified at www.wes.org or equivalent service. NCSSM participates in E-Verify. Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States.

Please refrain from submitting multiple applications. However, if multiple applications are submitted to a posting, only the most recent application received prior to the posting close date will be accepted. There is a 24-hour waiting period before an applicant can re-apply to a position.

If you have questions, please contact Eric Hunsley at [email protected]

NCSSM is an EEO/eVerify/VEVRAA Employer

How to apply
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Deadline for full consideration: December 31, 2023, 5:00pm EST

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