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Professor of Philosophy of Language (EXPIRED)

Department of Philosophy, University of Tartu

Job category Senior faculty / Fixed term
AOS Philosophy of Language
AOS categories Philosophy of Language
AOC Logic
AOC categories Logic
Workload Full time
Vacancies 1
Location Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia
Start date 01.01.2018
Job description

1. Duties and responsibilities: Planning and arranging the teaching in the fields of philosophy of language and logic, designing study programmes and syllabi in one’s courses, developing the doctoral study programme, furthering interdisciplinary teaching and academic work. Supervising undergraduate and graduate students. Planning and managing the research and development in the field of philosophy of language or logic, securing research grants and leading research projects.

2. Required qualifications: PhD or an equivalent qualification.

3. Required experience: A scientific and administrative competence for doing research, incl. leading a research team, is required. The minimal precondition is active research in philosophy on the international level to the extent of at least three doctoral theses. However, the successful candidate will have an excellent publication record in top international journals and with renowned publishing houses. During the past five years, the Professor should have published at least five international peer-reviewed research papers or book chapters as the author or a co-author. The candidate should have successful experience in receiving and completing research grants as well as have participated in international research networks and projects. He or she should be interested in collaborating with other philosophical disciplines represented in the Department of Philosophy. These include philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, ethics, and history of philosophy. The precondition in the field of teaching is the experience of teaching at university level, which should correspond to at least two years of working as an Associate Professor, and include the experience in supervising Master's students. An experience in supervising PhD students is recommended. The candidate must have experience in organising research events and in administrative work.

4. Required language skills: Fluency in English.

Starting at  01.01.2018, temporary contract to 31.12.2022

Workload: 1,00; and the classroom teaching load at least 128 academic hours per calendar year

Salary: 4430.15 EUR per month (gross).

Additional info: The candidate is required to be a resident of a country other than Estonia, and to not have been an academic employee in Estonia for more than 10 months in total in the last five years (after 30.10.2010). The professorship is financed by the University of Tartu's ASTRA project PER ASPERA (European Union, European Regional Development Fund).

How to apply
Application type Email
The candidate must submit to the University of Tartu Human Resources Office (email: personal@ut.ee; postal address: 18 Ülikooli St,Tartu 50090 ESTONIA) following documents: 1. a letter of application to the Rector, 2. a curriculum vitae in the established format, 3. a list of research publications (if necessary, enclosing copies or offprints of more important publications), 4. a copy of a document (including its annexes) which shows the candidate to hold the required qualification (authorized translation into Estonian, English or Russian if the credential is not in one of these languages). A candidate can be required to submit the original or a certified copy of the document (including its annexes) showing the candidate to hold the required qualification. If the candidate has acquired the higher education in question abroad, he or she may be required to submit an assessment issued by the Academic Recognition Information Centre (the Estonian ENIC/NARIC) of his or her qualification in respect of the qualification requirements for the position; 5. other materials considered relevant by the candidate (a list of such materials must be included in the application or annexed to it). Candidates for the position of professor or lead research fellow shall present a statement not exceeding 1500 words of the aims to be achieved during the term in the position, and the outline of an action plan for achieving these.
Web address to apply http://www.ut.ee/en/application-documents-and-noti...
Email to apply
Hard deadline April 3, 2017, 12:00am +03:00
Web address for more information http://www.ut.ee/en/welcome/job-offer/professor-ph...
Contact name Bruno Mölder
Contact email
Time created February 13, 2017, 8:05am EST
Scheduled expiry date April 3, 2017, 12:00am +03:00
Expired on April 4, 2017, 12:46am +03:00
Last updated June 3, 2017, 3:00pm EST
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