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Hong Kong PhD Fellowships/Studentships (Fixed term)
Deadline Posted How to apply
Dec 1, 12:00pm HKT
Oct 19 email
Dean (Fixed term)
AOS: Open
AOC: Open
Deadline Posted How to apply
Nov 6, 12:00am MST (soft)
Oct 19 online
Ontologist (Tenured, continuing or permanent)
AOS: Great facility in converting English sentences representing assertions into equivalent formal sentences in a predicate calculus such as first order logic.
AOC: Open
Deadline Posted How to apply
Oct 16 email
PhD position in Philosophy with specialization in History of Philosophy (Fixed term)
AOS: History of Philosophy, with some preference given to ancient and medieval
AOC: Open
Deadline Posted How to apply
Oct 29, 11:59pm CET
Oct 11 online
Sawyier Pre-Doctoral Teaching Fellow (Fixed term)
AOS: moral, social, and political philosophy or history of twentieth century philosophy
AOC: Open
Deadline Posted How to apply
Nov 22, 11:59pm CST
Sep 25 email
Visiting Graduate Fellowship (Fixed term)
AOS: AOS Open but eligibility requires research interest in philosophy of religion
AOC: Open
Deadline Posted How to apply
Feb 1, 2018, 11:59pm EST
Sep 21 email
Graduate Research Assistantships in Research Ethics (Fixed term)
AOS: Research ethics
AOC: Open
Deadline Posted How to apply
Jan 7, 2018, 11:59pm EST
Aug 25 email
Help needed for writing book/articles expressing new philosophical ideas (Contract type open)
AOS: Open
AOC: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Decision Theory, Philisophy of Biology, Philosophy of Computing, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Social Science, Logic, Philosophy of Science
Deadline Posted How to apply
Jul 10 email